• Car Amplifier Basics

    What are amplifiers really?


    Well, amplifiers are devices that increase the voltage, current, or amplitude of the signal produced by a main unit. The main unit can be a stereo or any kind of player that produces signal because usually, amplifiers are for boosting audio and creating a sense-surround quality sound.


    The main use of a car amplifier is the make the sound produced by your ordinary player crisper and louder since it increases the signal voltage from milli-voltrange up to 1-4 volts or higher because usually, ordinary players produce extremely low signal. These signals may vary. Some produce 5 hz up to 40 khz, while some systems produce 20 hz to 20 khz. What happens is that the signal is connected from the RCA cables to the inputs of the amplifier. The amplifier then gives this wave very high amplitude.


    But then, as we have said earlier, an amplifier eats a lot of voltage thus needing a big amount of voltage from your car battery. This means that having a good car battery is of course better.


    Now, placing the amplifier is another thing. You can always place it anywhere as long as your wires are long but there are always better places. Setting up the amplifier near the battery is always a pro since it eats a lot of energy; you dont want to drag a long stretch wire to the back if its not necessary. And since it is nearer to the battery, there is a minimum voltage drop. Thus, it is always recommended to put the amplifier underneath the passengers seat. But amplifiers are a no-no to heat because it uses loads of energy and less air flow, so watch out.


    The tip is, the amplifier needs to be close to the battery as much as possible, it needs a considerate amount of breathing room, and it should be safe of course. Another better option is the trunk of the car since it is spacey, but you give up the wiring part and the danger of having it damaged when loading and unloading things from the trunk.


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