• How to Choose a Vintage Chandelier?


    Totally change the inside rooms of your home with our exceptional old fashioned light fixtures! A mainstream wellspring of general light in lounge areas, lobbies and rooms, ceiling fixtures arrive in a wide range of styles. How would you pick the correct one for your lighting needs? We have 3 hints to make looking for a vintage crystal fixture a breeze.


    8 Light Cast Brass Double Pineapple Column Chandelier w/Graceful Arms, c. 1950


    Size Comes First


    The absolute initial phase in the purchasing interaction is to decide the size light fixture your space can fit. There are two straightforward approaches to locate the suitable width and tallness:


    Light fixture Width = Room Width + Room Length


    Light fixture Height = Room Height x 3


    Picking an installation that is too enormous could bring about the living space seeming more modest than it is. The width and stature – in inches – will assist restricted with bringing down your choice of Victorian chandelier fixtures.


    Assess the Setting


    When you have a size range, likewise consider where you’re putting the installation. Hanging area ought to be relative to the actual installation. On the off chance that the light fixture will be loomed over a little table in the morning meal alcove, it’s width ought to be more modest than the table’s width.


    Hanging stature will likewise rely upon the setting. In an open space like an entrance, the crystal fixture ought to be in any event 7 feet off the ground. General guideline for apparatuses hanging above where individuals may sit or stand is about a yard from the base of the installation to the highest point of the table. Fortunately, numerous ceiling fixtures accompany chains in the event that tallness should be changed.


    Pick Your Era and Style


    At Restoration Lighting Gallery, we have ceiling fixtures from the nineteenth century to the 1960s, including European, Art Deco and Victorian styles. Regardless of whether you need a little 4-light or huge 8-light, we convey everything from candelabra to light and gas change ceiling fixtures.



    Really reestablished ceiling fixtures can be a cool and one of a kind point of convergence for any home, customary or contemporary. In case you’re hoping to liven a dull inside room, our master staff individuals can assist you with picking the ideal ceiling fixture.

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