• How to Fix a Treadmill Belt That is Folding


    If you have a treadmill, it is highly likely that at some time you will need to know how to fix a treadmill belt that is folded. This is fairly common and although the most straightforward, it can also be the longest process of all. It can even cause you to call an expensive repairman!


    When you first receive your treadmill from the store, you should always make sure that it folds neatly and tightly so that there are no problems with movement during use. Some treadmills have fold systems, while others are factory-fold. If you own a factory-fold, you should take your belt inside the store and lay it flat, then unfold it again and put it away in the same manner as you took it out of the box.


    You might find that after you learn how to fix a treadmill belt that is folded, you will never fold it the way you had to before. In this case, you should bring the belt to the attention of a repairperson. They will remove the belt and replace it with a new one. The belt is usually about three-quarters of an inch thick, so if you have an old belt that is only half that size, you should not have much trouble replacing it. There may be other issues with the belt, such as worn out pulleys, so the repairperson will make sure to inspect it thoroughly before replacing it.


    After learning how to fix a treadmill belt that is folded, the next question is whether or not you should attempt to fold the belt yourself. There are many reasons why you would want to do this, including weight loss benefits. The more you can lose by walking on your treadmill, the more likely you are to continue walking. If you are trying to lose weight, then folding the belt helps you to work out less, since you are not using as much energy moving around on the belt. It may be easier to lose weight if you have more muscle mass, since this is the most efficient way for you to lose weight. This is why many people who have extra muscle choose to wear weight loss clothing over the belt.


    The last question you may have in your mind as you learn how to fix a treadmill belt that is folded is whether you should attempt to fold it on your own or if you should hire someone to do it for you. Since it folds easily, it may not be difficult at all to do it yourself. However, if you have never done anything like this before, then it is a good idea to pay someone to do it for you. This will ensure that the job is done properly, since you cannot take on such a complicated task without assistance.



    There are several ways of doing this task, depending on how large the belt is and how much you want to weigh. You could fold it twice, making two smaller belts (one for walking, one for running) and place them on the treadmill. Then when you walk or run on it, you are pushing down on both belts at the same time. In order to keep a balanced amount of weight on the belt, you can also fold the belt up in thirds and place it between your feet while you are walking or running. These methods will help you learn how to fix a treadmill belt that is folded. Just make sure that you are wearing heavy-soled shoes when you try these methods, so that you don't cause any damage to your treadmill belt.

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