• Is Your Standby Power Generator Really the Best?

    Choosing a better standby power generator is going to be quite hard if you consider that there are so many types out there. There are units that operate using gasoline while others use solar energy (car batteries are even possible options). But whatever you think is the better standby power generator for you, just remember that it will really come in handy during power shortage.


    So, what exactly are standby power generators? They are used during situations when normal electricity supply is interrupted because of natural disasters or technical problems with the power lines. Some are designed to immediately turn on in the event of a power outage and prevent computer data from being lost and allow you to continue using appliances or electronics like there's no power interruption at all.


    There are currently many sources of standby backup power, such as gas or diesel standby home generators, solar emergency backup power generators or, hybrid car batteries.


    Permanent home standby generators - depending on the configuration and model - are mostly built to have an auto-transfer switch that recognizes interruption in the power supply and provides power to home appliances, including air-conditioning systems. They are directly connected to an external fuel source, such as natural gas, propane, or diesel, and can run up to 12 hours of continuous operation.


    Diesel-powered generators - putting aside the price issue - are the most efficient among other types. But when it comes to convenience, natural gas generators will easily win that part because gas lines are normally readily available and the purchasing of extra fuel is not necessary. The best natural gas generators available today come from big manufacturing brands, such as Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Bryant, and Generac.


    Solar energy is one of the best sources of clean, safe, and efficient energy today. So, it's not entirely surprising if solar-powered generators would already be in the market. This equipment is the best alternative to standard residential generators. Solar backup generators can supply 8-12 hours' worth of electricity to homes or small offices. They are safe, quiet, and convenient (there's no need to worry about refueling or high costs of using diesel or natural gas). You can recharge the batteries by either using the solar panels provided or directly through the AC wall outlet.


    By any chance, do you have a hybrid car, like a Toyota Prius, at your house? If you do have one, you can definitely use it as emergency backup power if set-up correctly. Although it doesn't contain enough torque to power an entire home, car battery-powered generators are still useful in operating your refrigerator, computer, TV, and water heater for the time being while the power supply is still out.


    The thing is that you really need to determine the appliances and electronics you need to run on standby power generators. After you've figured that out, the better standby power generator is the one that'll fit your requirements and preferences.


    These are just a few of the options in better standby power.


    Next learn all about different backup systems and find out power generator set for backup electrical power and data files that will save time and money.

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