• What Burns More Calories An Elliptical Or A Treadmill?


    Whatburns more calories an elliptical or a treadmill? This is a question many people have asked themselves and have had various answers. After years of using both, I can safely say that the elliptical takes on more calories because of the smooth, even motion. With that said, the amount of calories burned while running on a treadmill is not nearly as great as when using an elliptical. In fact, the calorie burn while walking or jogging on an elliptical is comparable to just burning off about two tablespoons of fat from your body.


    For the most part, the reason for this is that the treadmill is more of an aerobic exercise. On the other hand, an elliptical can burn a tremendous amount of fat since it is a cardiovascular type of workout. It also includes a stretching component that helps tone muscles. The treadmill is not as intense as an elliptical. But, since it requires more work on the cardiovascular system and more effort on the muscles, it can help you lose weight quicker.


    One of the best ways to lose weight is to increase the amount of activity you do on a daily basis. This means increasing the amount of walking, jogging, biking, or running that you get into. But, it also means increasing the amount of time that you spend in each activity. Some people spend three hours per day walking and only one hour on the bike. Those people would be surprised at how much calorie burn they are actually getting by changing their routines.


    Walking and jogging on an elliptical is the equivalent of doing thirty minutes of aerobics per day. In other words, it can be considered as moderate exercise. If you do the same amount of activity, but on a circuit trainer, you will be burning about twice as many calories. So, if you want to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, this type of trainer may be the way to go. This is because it allows you to be constantly changing your activity so that you burn more calories throughout the day.


    The biggest drawback to an elliptical trainer is that you need to have room in your house or apartment for the machine. It can get quite expensive. On the other hand, you can use the stationary bicycle or even a stair climber to build up your calorie burn during your free time. You can also use a rowing machine to get an all-over cardiovascular workout and get some calorie burn from there, too.



    So, now you know what burns more calories an elliptical or a treadmill. There are many more factors to consider when choosing a fitness program. The choice is yours. What is important is that you find a way to burn calories and get healthy.

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